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The presence of consultants of the World Health Organization office in Maragheh to advance the goals of the Maragheh Healthy City Plan

Created At : 2023-12-24 10:38:42

On November 15, Maragheh welcomed the presence of Dr. Jafarsadeq Tabrizi and Dr. Mohammad Saadati, consultants of the World Health Organization office of Iran in Maragheh.  The meeting was held with the presence of the Dean of the Faculty, Health and Medical Assistants and Secretary of the Maragheh Healthy City Plan and a report on the performance of the Secretariat of the plan was presented by Dr. Sedigheh Salavati.

In the following, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Honorable Deputy Governor and Governor of Maragheh Special City, and in this meeting, the honorable advisers of the World Health Organization Office in Iran, the Social Political Deputy of the Governorate, the Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, the Mayor of Maragheh and a number of teachers and experts of specialized committees were present.

Maragheh Governor Dr. Asadiyan, while appreciating the presence of the consultants to provide the necessary recommendations for the advancement of Maragheh's healthy city plan, considered the efforts and commitment of the city officials to be unparalleled in this regard.

Dr. Tabrizi, head of the Health Management Research Center for Medical Sciences in Tabriz and consultant to the World Health Organization office, also stated that the self-evaluation of the specialized committees of the Healthy City Program should be on the agenda. He also emphasized the importance of quickly forming the documentation committee and adopting the healthy setting approach in the Maragheh Healthy City Plan.



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