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Empowering the community, one of the main missions of the Social Harms Reduction and Prevention Committee of Maragheh Healthy and Safe City Plan

Created At : 2023-12-30 14:33:07


The Committee for the Reduction and Prevention of Social Harms of Maragheh Healthy and Safe City Plan organizes workshops and training sessions in the form of annual operational plans and in partnership with other member organizations of this committee.

According to the situation analysis, the priorities of social harms in urban areas of Maragheh have been identified and the main training and empoernment sessions have been focused on the following topics: ways to control anger, parenting skills, action guidelines for first responders at the scene of suicide, suicide and Signs and methods of its prevention, dangers of cyberspace, and prevention of social harm in teenagers.

Also, the municipal cultural centers, as active members of the social damage prevention and reduction committee, have become a suitable place for family counseling and psychological and educational counseling sessions for families living in the relevant neighborhoods.


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