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"Child Friendly City" project in Aran va Bidgol Healthy City

Created At : 2022-02-26 09:34:02

According to the Aran and Bidgol municipality; with the presence of the president and members of the Islamic Council of the city, the mayor of Aran and Bidgol and the city officials, the special office of the child-friendly city was inaugurated.

In this ceremony, Dr. Mohsen Sanei, Mayor of Aran and Bidgol, while congratulating the Fajr holidays, said: "What we are looking for today is a big investment for the future of our city, Aran and Bidgol." The mayor continued: "Today's huge assets are the same children in whom creativity and innovation can flourish and be guided with the right education."

Dr. Sanei, while thanking the assistance and cooperation of the Islamic Council of the city, added; Educating and developing the talents of children and adolescents with the direct cooperation of partner agencies such as the Department of Education, the Department of Welfare, the Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the Center for Intellectual Development will help us to achieve a bright and dynamic future in urban management. Will deliver. At the end, the office of a child-friendly city located in Shahid Salmani Park was opened.

It should be mentioned that Aran and Bidgol are among the leading cities in the country in implementing the Healthy City program.

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