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Maragheh city traffic park restarted

Created At : 2023-07-05 13:29:11

Maragheh Traffic Park is a cultural, educational and green space project that was built in 1392 with five billion riyals in 5,500 square meters. In order to teach children the rules of driving and driving, this park is built on a smaller scale than the main streets of the city in order to give children a scientific and practical understanding of the city. Maragheh municipality has built this park by following the example of Tehran's traffic training parks and has used all the standard principles in it.

Recently, in 1401, this park has been revived and used in cooperation with Maragheh Education to teach traffic safety tips for children. With regard to the formation of the secretariat of the child-friendly city in Maragheh municipality, the municipality and the Islamic council of Maragheh city consider themselves committed to the implementation of child-friendly programs and projects.

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