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Tehran-Distric 13 Healthy City

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City : Tehran-Distric 13

County : Tehran

Province : Tehran

Population : 233310 people

HCP phase : Registered

Start Date : 2022/1/11

Registration date in NHCN : 2022/1/12

Awarded as HC by EMRO : Not registered


District 13 is located in the easternmost part of Tehran, which is from the north to districts 4, 8 and 7 (Damavand axis), from the west to district 12 (Shahrivar 17 axis), from the south to district 14 (Piroozi axis) and from the east to Asbadvani and Sorkheh highways. The fence (east of Tehran) is limited. The area of ​​the region is about 12.9 square kilometers and from this level is about 9.3 square kilometers to the urban area and the rest of the military lands, industries, etc. Also, the area of ​​District 13 with an area of ​​80 square kilometers includes the villages of Sorkheh Hesar, Hameh Sin (ten Turkmen), lands called Zaytoun, Tarqion, Sanjarion, Khojir and forest parks of Sorkheh Hesar, Khojir and Saeedabad. The area of ​​eroded tissue in this area is 0.669 square kilometers, which is 5.2% of the total area.
 The population of District 13 of Tehran Municipality, according to the population and housing statistics of the Statistics Center of Iran, is 233310 people and 79191 households, of which 115216 are men and 118094 are women. Meanwhile, 57 celebrities and 527 families of martyrs and 229 families of veterans live in this area. District 13 of Tehran, based on the divisions of the Islamic Council of Tehran, has 4 districts and 12 neighborhoods. The names of these neighborhoods are as follows:

Shahid Asadi, Safa, Zahed Gilani, Ishraqi, Peasant, Air Force, Victory, Memory, Imamate, Council, Ashtiani, Sorkheh Hesar

Cultural space per capita is 0.17 square meters, sports space per capita is 0.25 square meters, health per capita is 0.39 square meters per capita, green space per capita is 8.5 square meters per person. Sorkheh Hesar Park, which is one of the most unique forest parks in Tehran, is located in this area. This park is one of the oldest hunting grounds in Iran. Existence of very diverse vegetation and animals has made this park a good space for the people of the region to spend their leisure time.

The Healthy City program in the 13th district of Tehran Municipality has been started since January 2022 with the aim of improving the quality of life of citizens and creating a supportive environment for a healthy life.



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