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Saadat Shahr Healthy City

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City : Saadat Shahr

County : Passargad

Province : Fars

Population : 17131 people

HCP phase : Registered

Start Date : 2021/12/22

Registration date in NHCN : 2022/1/15

Awarded as HC by EMRO : Not registered


Saadatshahr is the center of Pasargad city in Fars province, 105 km northeast of Shiraz. This city has a very ancient historical background. The people of this city are Muslims and Shiites. The native race of the men of the city is Persian, but immigrant tribes and clans such as Arabs and Qashqai are also seen. The agricultural lands of this city are very prone in terms of water resources, soil as well as geographical location and are located on the Shiraz-Isfahan road and railway. The recreational areas of this city include Abolmahdi spring, Allah Akbar gorge, Qasr al-Dasht, Arsanjan forest, Saadat Shahr gorge, which is one of the beautiful areas of Iran.

This city has 1813 square kilometers 1.5% of the province's area and the population of the city according to the apple system is 17131 people and the number of households is 5021, of which 8745 are men and 8386 are women.

This city has a very ancient historical background. The renaming of this city throughout history has made its historical background unknown. The name of this city is rarely mentioned in the clay tablets of Persepolis, Kaminush (researches of Dr. Abdolmajid Arfai) and in Ibn Balkhi Farsnameh (the year of compilation is before 510 AH and about 1000 years ago). After that, it was called ambush, and this name is still used today, when Saadatshahr is ambushed and the villages of the functions are registered with the suffix ambush.

The Saadat Shahr Healthy City program started in January 2022 with the aim of promoting the health and safety of citizens and increasing people's participation in the development of the city.


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