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Noor Healthy City

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City : Noor

County : Noor

Province : Mazandaran

Population : 27708 people

HCP phase : Registered

Start Date : 2022/1/10

Registration date in NHCN : 2022/1/10

Awarded as HC by EMRO : Not registered


Noor city in Mazandaran province is connected to the Caspian Sea from the north, to Amol city from the east, to Mahmudabad city from the northeast, to Tehran province from the south, to Alborz province from the southwest and to Nowshahr city from the west.

Noor city with an area of ​​2.974 km and a population of 119670 consists of two mountainous and plain parts. The highest mountain is Azadkuh peak with a height of 4721 meters and the most important rivers are Noor river and Lavij river. Noor city has three central parts, Chamestan and He knows.

The central part includes the cities of Nourba with a population of 27708, Royan and Izadshahr. Chamestan section is located in the center of Chamestan city, which is 15 km southeast of Noor. Baladeh section is located in the center of Baladeh city, 85 km south of Noor city Haraz and Chalous are important.

Noor Healthy City program has started with the visin of residents health and quality of life promotion.

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