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Maragheh Healthy City

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City : Maragheh

County : Maragheh

Province : East-azerbaijan

Population : 177079 people

HCP phase : In Evaluation

Start Date : 2019/1/15

Registration date in NHCN : 2021/12/29

Awarded as HC by EMRO : Not registered


Maragheh is the second biggest city located in East Azerbaijan. Urban area of the city is 26 square kilometres with two areas, namely Maragheh and Khodajou. Based on the consensus run in 2016, the rate of urban population was 67%.

Maragheh is famous for being Garden City and the Capital City of Astronomy in Iran. Every year, a number of national and international tourists visit the city. Green spaces and various gardens in the center of the city, tall trees on the sides of the city, Sufi Chai crossing the city, and various historic sites have turned Maragheh to a tourist center in East Azerbaijan. The city has been populous since the pre-Islamic period. However, 12 and 14 A.D were its period of prosperity. According to its historic and cultural texture, with more than 300 recorded national works, it is considered to be of 10 top cities of the country.


Healthy City Structure

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HCP achievements

Maragheh's safe and healthy city plan has successfully passed the national evaluation stage of the safe community plan, and the report of the safe community plan is currently under review at the International Center for Safe Communities. The Prevention of Road Accidents Research Center of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences was the institution that evaluated the Maragheh Safe Community Plan at the national level.

HCP authorities

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