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Jolfa Healthy City

Jolfa City Logo

City : Jolfa

County : Jolfa

Province : East-azerbaijan

Population : 10000 people

HCP phase : In Evaluation

Start Date : 2021/12/15

Registration date in NHCN : Not registered

Awarded as HC by EMRO : Not registered


Julfa is one of the cities of East Azerbaijan, which is located on the banks of the Aras River and the border of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia. This city with a suitable strategic and geographical location is one of the most important commercial centers of Iran. Julfa city is the center of Aras Free Trade-Industrial Zone. Aras Free Trade-Industrial Zone is located in East Azarbaijan Province and Northwest Iran. This region, which is adjacent to the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia, has an area of ​​51,000 hectares. Aras Free Zone is located 137 km from Tabriz, which is one of the major academic and industrial hubs of Iran, and is 761 km away from Tehran. According to the latest national census, the population of Jolfa is estimated at 8810 people.

The Healthy City program was started in 2017 in cooperation with Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and the Aras Free Zone Organization, and the necessary structure and planning for the implementation of the programs has been done during the past years.

Healthy City Structure

The responsibe body forthe Healthy City Program in the Aras Free Zone is the Aras Free Zone Organization and the Chairman of the Strategic Committee of the Healthy City Program; is teh organization CEO. Based on the identified needs and priorities and the existing potentials, the following structure has been designed and implemented for the implementation of the Julfa Healthy City program.

HCP achievements

To be completed

HCP authorities

Eng. Mohsen Nariman; Aras Free Zone CEO; Julfa Healhty City steering committee Head

Dr. Yousof Dadashzadeh; Social, cultural and health deputy; HC steerign comittee 

Mrs Solmaz Vessal; Health officer; Julfa HC executive secretary officer

Mrs Sadatkhah; Nutrition  officer of Julfa Health Network; Julfa HC scientific secretary officier

Links and Contact information

Julfa, Aras Free Zone office; Social, cultural and health deputy